Friday, September 14, 2012

"Judge Gordon GODfrey of Grays Harbor County Washington - Charges presented for Falsifying Oath and Residency Affidavit"

"Charges have been presented to the Grays Harbor County Commissioners and the prosecuting attorney with evidence that seems to show that Judge Gordon GODfrey of Grays Harbor County Washington filed a false sworn affidavit as to his residence.
He has also violated his sworn Oath of Office by repeatedly violating the Constitutions of the United States and Washington State, if information provided to me  by victims is accurate.
Judge Gordon GODfrey will be one of the stars of Lawless America...The Movie.
Judges must resided in the county where they hold office -- Grays Harbor County.  "Candidates must be resident electors of their district and admitted to practice law in the courts of record of the State of Washington.  (Reference State Constitution, Article IV, Section 17; RCW 3.50.057)."
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There has been a huge response to this news on Facebook.  Here is one thread:
Previously Published Information
Most family court judges in America regularly commit the Unauthorized Practice of GOD as they destroy families and children with their outrageous actions.  Many apparently believe they are GOD, but Judge Gordon GODfrey may be the first to actually admit it.
Family Court Judge Gordon GODfrey of Gray's Harbor County Washington has told attorneys who have questioned him that all they need to do is look at the first three letters of his last name.

Bill Windsor of Lawless America...The Movie believes Judge Gordon GODfrey of Gray's Harbor County Washington is a corrupt judge who ignores the facts and the law and destroys lives.  Judge GOrdon GODfrey needs to look at the first two letters of his first and last name.  It's time for this judge to GO.  He must resign now.
Judge Gordon GODfrey of Grays Harbor County Washington took Kimberly Briggs' 8-year-old son away from her after she obtained her bachelor's degree in social services (child and family protection major).  She applied for relocation to another county in Washington to take her first job in social services.  Judge Gordon GODfrey denied that request, so she lost the job.  And to make matters far worse, he gave custody to the biological father because Judge Gordon GODfrey said Kimberly Briggs' income of $33,000 a year was not enough.  He told her she might get her son back if she gets a master's degree.  I believe this means that if half of the American workers lived in Grays Harbor County Washington and get Judge Gordon GODfrey, they will lose their children because they don't make more money.  FYI: Only 6% of the people in America with college degrees have a master's degree.
I guess the other half would lose their children for seeking medical care.
Mother McKayla Smith was sent to jail for seeking medical care for her children.  That's only a fraction of her story.  Her children's teeth are rotting out of their heads, but Judge Gordon GODfrey of Grays Harbor County Washington said McKayla's motion with photos of dental absesses and bruises all over her children was a frivolous motion.  The photos made me ill...literally.
In my opinion, Judge Gordon GODfey and others have committed crimes against these children and their mother.  Others involed were Judge David Edwards, Judge F. Mark McCauley, Guardian Ad-Litem Jean Cotton, attorney Bill Stewart, CPS worker Andrea Leach, CPS worker Stephanie Frazier, and CPS supervisor Melissa Whitmire.
I believe someone needs to arrest these people in Grays Harbor County Washington.
Judge Gordon Godfrey needs to GO GO (the first two letters of his first and last names). 
Others responsible in Grays Harbor County Washington  appear to be:
Joan Brewster, Director of Grays Harbor County Public Health and Social Services Department -- (360) 500-4062,
Michelle Balter, Health Services Manager -- (360)
Vera Kalkwarf, Social Services & Mental Health Program Manager -- (360) 500-4072,
The possibility that Judge Gordon GODfrey is actually GOD is generating a lot of buzz on facebook.
Please see for current news about Judge Gordon GODfrey and other corrupt judges. "

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